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Haelan 951 Testimonial

April /May of 2013 I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Ovarian Cancer and Stage 1 Uterine Cancer. I wrote both months because I had the ovaries and uterus removed a month apart and each was done laproscopically. Essentially, I had two primary cancer diagnoses. 

Though I was advised by four different Doctors to do the conventional chemo I decided against it after doing my own research and believed it was in my best interest to avoid anything that could potentially cause collateral damage, make the cure worse than the disease and even hasten an earlier demise. I was also aware that many people do take the Haelan with chemo as it can reduce the side affects, and help prevent the rapid weight loss. I always knew if I did get a cancer diagnosis of any kind that I would be doing the Haelan either in conjunction with something else or alone. I did alter my eating a bit but would have to say that the Haelan has been my number one protocol. 

What is so interesting is that in the beginning my Ca 125 (an ovarian cancer blood test marker) rose to 187 from 150 after being on the Haelan two weeks..Walter Wainwright told me that often happens in the very beginning as dead cancer cells are being dumped into the blood but he reassured me that would change.....Well, it sure did. Eight weeks after getting the ovaries out the Ca 125 dropped to 33 (34 is normal).My Oncologist was surprised it had moved that far in such a short time. Now to be completely transparent it is also true that the Ca125 can drop just after having the surgery.....but that much of a drop so quickly was a happy surprise. I continued to take a full bottle a day in 

divided doses for almost a year and then last year I got pretty comfortable as the Ca125 was about 16. So I reduced the Haelan to four ounces only once a day. This past November 2014 it rose to 21.4 . Though that is still a good number I did not want to see an upward trend so I went back on the full bottle for a few weeks and now I am at 6 ounces daily in divided doses morning and night. Last week I did another Ca125 and it had dropped back to 16.9 which all happened in two and a half months...I am ecstatic!! That made me realize that the Haelan needs to be done 2x’s daily in whatever dosing is right for the individual. 

Steve, I am more grateful than I can ever say that you introduced me to Haelan years ago and I was able to hear of the wonderful stories of how it helped others well before I had a need. I just wish more people could have the opportunity to benefit from it. My husband, Larry, takes 2 ounces 2x’s a day just for anti-aging and help with inflammation. He tried to encourage me to do the same a few years ago but I did not. Now I am thrilled that he does it still and I, of course, will be on it forever . 

So Steve, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

Your most appreciative sister, 


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