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Haelan 951 Testimonial


I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer 13 months ago. In my case that means there were 2 breast lesions, widespread regional lymph node involvement and one bone lesion. 

Steve Becker introduced me to Haelan 951 and I immediately began taking one 8 oz. bottle a day of Haelan along with a drastic change in diet (I became a vegan and cut out all sugars and simple carbohydrates), juiced, took many botanical supplements and vitamins and took the drugs (an estrogen blocker and a targeted biological agent, herceptin) which my oncologist recommended. 

Additionally, I began to study and practice the mind-body healing connection by using meditation, positive affirmations, prayer, stress reduction, and guided imagery. I also consulted with an energy healer. 

Since my diagnosis, my PET scans showed slow continuous improvement until my most recent PET in November (10 months) showed no active cancerous lesions. I have not had surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy as part of my medical treatment. 

I will continue to take a maintenance dose of Haelan, eat a vegan diet, exercise regularly, continue on my supplements and take the drugs that my oncologist recommends: Femara and Herceptin. 

I have never required chemotherapy, which is amazing considering the diagnosis of stage IV cancer. I am glad I took the larger doses of Haelan in the early stages of my treatment. It gave me extra confidence that I was doing everything I could do to defeat this blasted disease. 

Sherry Morrison 

Atlanta, GA 

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