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Haelan 951 Testimonial

My husband & I live in San Antonio, Texas and I just wanted to let you know that he was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2007 and remains healthy today.


There have been no recent signs of cancer. Needless to say, we are so grateful and thankful that we were pointed in the direction of Haelan, and other vitamins, herbs, minerals, and of course in our case, we believe that our Lord intervened and healed Robert. We were told it was stage 3 because it had spread to some of the lymph nodes right after the surgery was done in 2007. A fairly large tumor was removed from his colon at that time & his care was done at the VA hospital. In the hospital, he developed an infection, so at first they were trying to just save his life, and then would worry about the cancer. He finally recovered after months from this, but had been left with a huge hernia in his abdominal area. They did not want to have to go back in to repair this because of all his previous problems with the infection and besides this, he had a liver disease. I had already dealt with his liver problem back in the early 1990's when conventional doctors told me there was not much to be done for him. I then went to alternative treatment with a wonderful metabolic specialist who was a PHD and dealt with many life threatening diseases and worked with blood & liver diseases, using many different herbs, vitamins, teas, minerals, all alternative type treatment. He got well from this and was fine until the bout with cancer in 2007. I did not know anything about Haelan at the time, but we would have sure used it as well if we had. 

In 2007, since Robert had this hernia, chemo therapy was not really an option because of the side effects usually associated with this type treatment. If he had bouts of vomiting, and all the other things, he could easily get an incarcerated bowel. Also, since alternative treatment had worked before, and I was really scared of the chemo and all that goes with it, we went back to the same doctor. He began Robert on a very detailed regime of all kinds of different herbs & alternative type treatment. Now I have to say, I have heard all my life that men make terrible patients, but Robert was willing to do anything to save his life. He was an excellent patient and took everything just as he was supposed to do. Of course I took care of this part for him, which I was glad to do, I had decided and so had Robert that he simply was not going to die from this disease. We also had to change our life styles, we both had hectic, long hour, high stress type jobs. I found out that stress can really kill you, so again we made a drastic change and Robert quit this job, and I also did mine as well. We were fortunate that we could do this, and I understand that everybody cannot do this, but whatever stress you can get rid of, please do it immediately. It really makes a big difference. Also, even though I respected our doctor, and he was getting better, I still always like to look into everything that is going in out in the word and to see what cutting edge products that really do work. I had a friend that worked in this vitamin store so I went over there probably in the middle of 2008 and she told me about this product called Haelan. She said it was a fermented soy drink that was apparently getting really fantastic results with all kinds of cancer, even very advanced complicated types of cancer. She told me the story of a man named Sherman Sanders who lived in a small town about 30 miles south of San Antonio. He apparently had a very rare deadly type of liver cancer from which people do not normally survive, but he did, with the Haelan.


He gives the Haelan most of the credit. He took 8 ounces a day, the bottle comes in 8 ounce glass bottles, and he did this close for 2 years. He became totally free of cancer, and his doctors were amazed. You can find his story on the internet under his name, Sherman Sanders, Haelan. Now he also took some other herbs, and did have some chemo, but he credits the Haelan with saving his life. So, I decided I was going to try this for Robert and he took 4 ounces in the morning, 4 ounces in the evening for close to a year. He was also still taking his other program as well, but as he began taking scans, all of them were clear. It had never spread to any other organs. Now, I must tell you that it does not taste good, it is pretty unpleasant, but it can be done. Robert tells me that he actually does not think it tastes that bad. You just make sure you have 8 ounces of purified water to chase it down, it will absorb better that way. So, my husband is living proof that you can get HEALTHY and stay that way. 

Steve Becker is the expert on exactly how the product works, but it essentially can change diseased cells back to healthy normal cells and gets down into the stem cells which is what you must have to make sure the cancer is killed and dos not return. It does not matter what your doctor tells you in the beginning, if it is bad news, you can get cured. You just need to start immediately, and stay with it. I have always had an open mind about this, but you have to be in charge, you have to be the boss, you have to make the decision, and then don’t leave anything to chance. Robert never had any chemo, he just did the above programs that I described. and we are very thrilled & happy that he has stayed cancer free. I feel that our Lord pointed me in the right direction to find the Haelan and the other alternative programs. Again I am never preachy to other people about God's help in all this, but that is just what we feel.


We were also going to try the hyperbaric chambers since oxygen therapy has also been known to help with the immune system, but it turned out that he was totally free of cancer, so we did not need to do this. I am going to list some of the other herbs that Robert took, but again know he was under the care of an alternative doctor who gave us directions on the amounts, and times of days & night he had to take this. I also got in better health because I did not have the stress from my hectic job, I did later on take a much lighter type of job and was quite happy. Robert decided to retire which I am glad of so he could enjoy life with our family, dogs, and just having fun days again. I am also going to list some web sites which tell you the most useful alternative treatments that you can look at if you want to do so. I trust Steve very much because he really has studied the Haelan and been part of helping people get on the right track. I am going to have Robert as well as myself get back on this product as a maintenance program to just have continued good health. I wish you the best of luck and much success, I know you can be cured because I am living with my best proof, which is my husband. Just work with Steve and he will make sure you are on the way to recovery. 

Here is a list of some the different herbs that Robert took along with Haelan. 

1. Green Magna, this is in a powder form. 2. Boswelin 3. Genesis total Goji juice 4. Ezzeac Tea 5. zymex II 6. Poke Root 7. Immunocidin 8. Ashwaganda 9. Capillaris 10. Ars. alb 11. flaxseed meal 12. Curcumin 

13. System LS 14. Ferrofood 15. System gold 16. CA150 17. Glutamine 

Now, some of these the doctor would change off and on, just depending on his blood work. This doc was also a big believer in juicing, and felt the best one to buy is the Jack Lalane, Jr. He likes me to use, kale, spinach, beets, spinach, I also put some green apples in the juicer to give it a better taste, you can pretty much choose what fruit you want. 

I know I have not given you a complete list because I don’t have all the programs saved that I received and we previously used. But this gives you an idea. 

Websites: 78 Successful natural alternative cancer treatments commonly used worldwide Fighting Cancer- source for supplements a new type of treatment using new form of ginseng 

www.bradweeks, M.D. He is an MD but has started to use more alternative in his pratice, he thinks Haelan is a great product for cancer. 

Calli Green Tea, Papaya teas, all green teas are very good, but there are many many brands and flavors to choose from.

I hope this helps you, I would immediately start with the Haelan because this is something you can do right away to start feeling and seeing results with. 

Sincerely, Vicki Mitchell 

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