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Haelan 951 Testimonial

April 27, 2016

Bradley’s Story


First, I have to thank Steve Becker for introducing me to this great product Haelan.  This helped save my husband and my beloved little Shetland sheepdog, Bradley. My nickname for him was my “Little Guy” and assorted other ones which came from family and friends.  Steve has educated himself on the product and studied its effects and can answer any question you might have about the product. I will thank Steve every day of my life from the bottom of my heart because my husband, Robert, is here today and Brad was given a wonderful recovery. In the end, Bradley passed from other causes.  So I think everyone who reads this can understand why Steve is so important to the story. If you have human loved ones, or if you are an animal lover, and you have been told that their case is hopeless, please, please do not give up until you talk with Steve about the Haelan.

Next,  I know every animal lover thinks their pet is the most beautiful, smartest, loyal, loveable, greatest pet on earth. Guess what, you all are right. And of course I am no different because I thought and still think the same about Bradley.  It has taken me a long time to put this into words because my grief in losing him was devastating, just as I am sure it was for anyone who has lost their best friend. But finally I realize that I don’t think most people out there know this product can prolong or actually save your pet.  I would not be writing this story unless I had experienced this in my life. The last thing I would ever want to do would be to give people false hope, now I just don’t know if would save every pet out there, but I am certain it will prolong it, and I still believe in my heart Bradley would still be with me if he had not had another problem come up  that I was not aware of until it was too late.

Now you should know that most vets out there do not know anything about nutrition or alternatives for your pet. That does not mean that these vets are not good ones because if your dog should be hit by a car or there is terrible accident, your vet is your hero. I am just saying that most are not trained in the alternative pet care business so the normal vet is not going to know about Haelan.  They may even tell you that it is a waste of money or it won’t help your pet, and if you chose to accept this, of course that is your decision. But if you want to know more about Haelan can help your pet, please contact Steve and he can give you the wonderful benefits of this product that can help your baby.


Now on to Bradley.  My good friend Sandy had 1 sheltie and she decided to get a friend for Bailey to play with.  She named him Bradley and he was a beautiful multi color with a gorgeous white blaze and also had  strawberry blonde highlights and it looked like his ears had literally been frosted. He was just so friendly and when she brought the dogs over, Bradley took to me and my husband for some reason and we ended up with Bradley down the road. I also owe her big time as well.  He was everything as described above, and had a wonderful sense of humor. He loved to hide my husband’s shoes all over the place, and especially liked to separate his shoes, one time my husband ended up with one black shoe and the other one brown. He played games like this all the time.  


The most comforting think he did for me was crawl up on my back while I laying down on the couch. He weighed about 25 pounds at the time and he would stretch out flat and fall asleep. Of course he wanted me to lay so still, if I moved my leg or anything, he would jump down and scold me. He would hide his bones behind a chair thinking no one would ever see them.  It was a thousand little things he did that made us love him so much. He loved to walk and if you ever put on tennis shoes, that meant he was going walking, no matter we might only be going to the store. The big thing though was when my husband had colon cancer. We also used Haelan for him. Bradley would constantly watch over him and no matter where he went, Bradley was always there.  He would cuddle up against him and just wanted to be near him always. My husband had this bout with cancer in 2007 and doing well today, no chem. Or radiation.

Anyway, you can see how much we owe Bradley, I know he was also instrumental in my husband’s recovery because they were just crazy about each other.  So Haelan was there to save the day to make sure everyone got better.

Then, awful news in 2012. The vet says our baby has prostate cancer and unlike in humans, it is very fast growing and removing the tumor could prove fatal. He asked if I wanted to do chemo and we said no to that.  Now, Bradley was not always a healthy dog because he was prone to gall bladder and pancreatic problems as a baby and my friend had adopted him knowing he had this going on but she could not resist taking him anyway, so we became aware that we had to protect him and take as good care of him as we could. He always took various vitamins, minerals, herbs to help with his health.  He by now is a 13 year old dog and we were not even close to being reading to accept this without a fight. I read as much as I could and looked into alternative vets but no one really gave him much hope. This is when I called Steve and he called his Haelan people and we decided to put him on this. Well, after he had been taking 2 ounces in the morning, and 2 at night, we began seeing changes in him. He began to find energy, was playful, began to feel like himself again. I told Steve it was really amazing as he is back to running, jumping, barking, just having a ball again and was so happy that he could do these things again. 


We had taken him on walking trails, and I could literally not keep up with him. When he actually jumped back on the bed into the arms of my husband, we both began crying, it was such a wonderful moment for all of us. (Before the Haelan he could no longer lift himself up and walk. We had to pick him up.) And, then to top it all, his coat became so thick and shiny, just beautiful, I could not believe the fur on this baby, I mean he already had pretty fur, but this was just amazing. Everything was going great until he got pancreatitis so it was back to the vet and then found out that he had herniated discs in his neck and this was causing him great pain.  I had never been told about this and I am not sure to this day if he might have been dropped at the vet, not saying that he was, and of course not intentionally, but our vet said he was getting worse and it was in his opinion, not the cancer. He did have an orthopedic specialist that he was going to refer him to but before I could do so he ended up passing away.


I do believe the cancer was gone and he was just fine until we noticed he was having trouble walking and we could tell he was in pain and this awful diagnosis was given to us. This was one of the worst days of our life and we felt like we had lost a child. I know many people would say you cannot compare this to the loss of a child, and I understand this, but to us, he was our child. Anyway, our vet told me again, it was his opinion that cancer was not the cause of his passing.  He was getting well from the pancreatitis but his neck again was just causing tremendous pain. We did not get an autopsy because we did not want to put him through anything like that. Anyway, I am sure all you pet lovers out there know the feeling. I realize we are among thousands of people who go through this and it just takes your breath away. We miss him so much and every time I hear the “Rainbow Song” by Kermit the Frog, I just break down as this was his favorite song I think. He would start running around and get close to the CD player when it was playing.

Of course Bradley will always be loved and remembered.  I still believe in my heart that Haelan had saved him because from the time he was diagnosed until he passed was about 9 months. Without all these other problems, who knows how long he would have lived.  

Anyway, you can see why this product has meant so much to us. I still have my husband and again, I just feel my baby would still be with us if not for other problems.

So if you get a terrible cancer diagnosis, I beg of you, either about your pet or your human loved one, do not give up.  There is hope if you try the Haelan. It worked for Bradley and it can for you as well. You don’t really have anything to lose.


Well, that is my story and of course I could go on for days about Bradley,  but I had extra time with him and that means the world to me.

I wish all of you out there great success, the best of luck, and send prayers to anyone that is now ill.

Best Wishes

Brad’s Mom and Dad forever

Vicki & Robert Mitchell

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