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A Simple Guide

How Haelan Conquers Cancer
Cancer's Army

1. Angiogenisis - requires oxygen and a blood supply to the cancer cell.


2. Carcinogens damage DNA.


3. Anti-apoptosis - unchecked cancer cell growth. Cancer cells multiply and form tumors.

4. Weakens healthy cells thus diminishing cyto-toxic effect of body's natural NK Killer cells.


5. Suppresses immune system's natural ability to kill and dispose of foreign proteins such as cancer.

6. Mitosis - individual cancer cells have a growth rate called a "doubling effect". Some are very fast and some are slow.

Haelan's Army

1. Anti-angiogenisis - stops supply of oxygen and blood to  cancer cell.

2. Isoflavones repair and stop DNA damage.

3. Induces apoptosis (cell death) - restores cell damage and restores programmed cell death cycle. Cancer cells then die.

4. Boosts potency of cell's cyto-toxic compound (NK Killer cells.)

5. Boosts immune system's ability to engulf, digest, and remove (dispose) cellular debris including cancer. (700% increase.)

6. Anti-mitosis - Slows the cancer growth rate and delays the onset of cancer allowing more time for the other anti-cancer mechanism's to go into action to eradicate cancer.

7.  Produces beneficial metabolites (MTD-13) which induce cell death.

8. Increases production of interlukens thereby improving overall body functioning.

9. Reduces level of carcinogenic estrogens called 4 Hydroxyestrogens and 16 Hydroxyestrogens which damage DNA. Studies show 81% decrease in bad estrogens.